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open innovation

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about open innovation
goal of every company is to innovate for customers.
the best way to do it is to innovate with customers.
our vision
easy to use, affordable, and industry-specific open innovation should be available to all companies everywhere. all customers everywhere should be able to participate in open innovation, and be rewarded for it.
our mission
we make software which helps all companies use open innovation to connect to their customers in an easy and affordable way, specific to their needs.
our product
open os is an all-in-one white label platform for open innovation. it is a perfect solution for any brand which wants to grow all its open innovation projects in one location with full control and flexibility. it includes desktop, mobile, android, and managment interfaces
our open innovation platforms that use open os - for professional products innovation - for real estate innovation
our services
adopting innovation requires training, process design, culture change, and marketing and product support. with with open os,, and we offer a range of bespoke services which help your company's adoption of open innovation these services include training, analysis, and management. goal is to ensure an easy start and fast growth in open innovation.
our trust guarantee
open innovation requires total trust of both companies and customers. the most important aspect of our offering is our trust guarantee. we are very selective which companies can use our products, we monitor added innovations, we guarantee rewards, and monitor all processes. if a platform uses our name it is then trust guaranteed by us - it is a real open innovation project in which both companies and customers work openly together for innovation.
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