world needs more innovation!

Innovation is one of the most important things. We think everyone should participate in it – companies, experts, customers, you. This is why we made – social media dedicated only to innovation. We are inspired by open source, open culture, and participation. Open communication between companies, experts, and customers will create more innovation.


How does it work consists of two parts:
– Social media available to everyone at,
– Apps available to brands at

Everyone can have an innovator profile on which allows them to see, search, and publish innovations. Brands can publish their own innovations internally, to focus groups, or publicly, connect to partners, and much more. The more innovations are created and shared, the more product innovation will be created.


Benefits for social media users (everyone)

– Share your ideas,
– Learn about latest innovation,
– Find innovative products to buy,
– Connect to other people interested in innovation,
– Connect to brands.


Benefits for brands

– Be open – a position only the best companies can adopt,
– Find problems to solve and design great products,
– Attract customers, experts, partners,
– Build an innovation focused culture.