1 % rule of open innovation

open innovation rule

1 % of customers who use the product should participate in product innovation.

If a product is used by 10,000 customers then 100 customers should give feedback on the product suggesting how it can be improved. This is a suggested minimum to prevent causing damage and avoid losing contact with customers. If more customers participate, the better it is.

Customer participation is also specific – it should be a suggestion of real improvements, not a complaint or praise which does not contribute to product design.

Obviously, as product is more successful, there are more customers, and the 1 % grows as well. This is why an easy to use accessible online platform like openinnovation.me is needed.

Email Andrea at andrea@openinnovation.me about using openinnovation.me to include 1 % of your customers in product innovation.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 20 Feb 2023