10 innovation ideas generated in 10 minutes

10 innovation ideas generated in 10 minutes

Outsourcing rebranded as remote work staffing.
There is no difference between outsourced and remote team members anymore. This means that outsourcing will have an accelerated growth. Companies can offer remote staff to other companies as an added service on top of their products and services. The ideological barrier of physical presence is removed which opens up many opportunities.

Remote work training
Training people remotely is not more difficult, but it is new and needs to be figured out. We had centuries to perfect how to train people in person. Now we have months to figure out how to train train pilots, bus drivers, crane operators, chemical engineers, police officers, and many others remotely.

Remote education of children
Educating children has been rapidly changed globally within months. Never before has such education reform been effected. Tools and methods used now are far from perfect and remote education innovation is just starting. Educating children should not only deal with learning but also with social and happiness aspects.

Non stop virtual rooms for companies
Current meeting tools such as Zoom and Skype are based on the concept of calls and meetings. Meetings require full presence and are an interruption. While these tools can be hacked and used as virtual work rooms, they are not actually made as such. There is a need of virtual rooms which allow constant communication and cooperation which is not based on meetings.

Integration of services and products
Access to services will be reduced by lack of physical presence and by increased number of failed service providers. Companies should keep adding services on top of their current offering to make sure that their products can be easily integrated and used.

Cross-industry collaborations
Access to new markets is not geographical but also industry based. New markets can be reached through cooperation with companies in other industries. Cross-industry collaborations and partnership offer an enormous potential in innovation and growth.

Specific domain search engines
Google is dominantly a consumer search engine catering to the needs of average individuals. Amazon, Alibaba, and others are search engines focused on specific products. While there are many portals and databases of products, there is still a huge need of easy to use search solutions for many specific domain names.

Home swapping
With remote work people might decide to exchange their homes with someone else in order to experience living in another area. Home swapping is simpler than renting out your home and renting a new home. It simplifies the exchange catering to the new nomad workforce.

Sustainable IT
IT is an often forgotten industry when it comes to sustainability, while in fact it can play a huge role. Company and personal IT are replaced too often, seldom repaired, but used by everyone. Reducing the need for constant purchasing of new IT products, repairing the current ones, can make IT companies more competitive.

Big data integration
Big data can make or break companies. Companies that do not use big data will definitely fail with increase of remote work. Big data is the main driver behind virtual sales. Offering big data for SMBs and niche industries will definitely be a valuable product in coming years – for companies which are prepared to use it.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 11 Nov 2020