10 levels of innovation

innovation rating scale

I prefer to use 0/10 rating because it is not easy to use. The added friction makes people think a bit more and minimizes the impulsive decisions. I attempted to make a 0/10 rating scale for innovation assuming that innovation is an act of improving the lives of customers.

0 – No innovation or new value is created.

1 – A small closed group improved its own performance. Example: internally developed software.

2 – Localizing innovation from elsewhere. Example: distribution or retail.

3 – Combination of already existing values. Example: spa hotels.

4 – Innovation which works only locally. Example: irrigation in Africa.

5 – A new use for an existing product. Example: efficient design redefined as sustainability.

6 – A new product which enables other companies to innovate. Example: new manufacturing technology.

7 – Large part of customers have an improved choice. Example: new gaming consoles.

8 – Large part of customers have immediately purchased the product. Example: Tesla Model 3.

9 – Life of every individual is improved by forcing competition to copy it. Example: iPhone.

10 – Life of every individual is improved by completely eliminating a problem. Example: polio vaccine.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 4 Aug 2020