5 best ideas from our "Innovate with 8 billion people" open talk

5 ideas

We had a nice open chat this Wednesday. Here are the 5 best ideas exchanged:

Next natural step
Open innovation is a natural progress of innovation development. All innovation starts with individual innovators, then grows into innovation and R&D teams, and finally opens up to include partners, customers, and external experts.

Equal to sales
Every market will be an open innovation market and every company will be an open innovation company. Listening to customers is equally important as selling to them.

Holistic approach
Open innovation can not be adopted as an isolated side project, but as a key element of the company culture.

Platforms are necessary
Companies feel customer need for more openness, but need digital tools to facilitate it.

Incremental is better
Open innovation is often blocked by big expectations and big projects. Our method of doing smaller projects with smaller rewards creates more activity and education.

Our consulting helps companies adopt open innovation with a unique and tested method. We will be discussing this method in coming posts. For more email Andrea at andrea@openinnovation.me.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 25 Nov 2022