A new faster reward system

open innovation rewards

Today we introduced pulldown reward options which will simplify and accelerate rewards.

So far brands had a number input when publishing and rewarding innovations. Decision which amount to use in this input was causing substantial delays. It required training and support. By replacing the input with a pulldown we will substantially accelerate rewarding and reduce the need for training.

This design decision was made after months of working with brands and innovators, and is based on our deep understanding of open innovation.

Pulldowns are now replacing number inputs and will offer range including a zero reward with a thank you email, smaller tip amounts which can still reward the work for lower relevance suggestions, the regular range of rewards for relevant suggestions, and even high amount rewards for innovation breakthroughs.

Log in to apps.openinnovation.me to use the new reward system.

To learn more about using openinnovation.me for your brand, email Andrea at andrea@openinnovation.me.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 3 May 2023