Alternative innovation & marketing terminology

monopoly terminology innovation

Here are some alternative definitions of popular terms used every day in management. Maybe they can give you a different point of view.

Real purpose of a company
A way to create a monopoly
A way to destroy a monopoly

Company which does not need to innovate
Company which increases costs of basic operations for everyone else
Company which works to reduce innovation by other companies

Open innovation
Highest ROI activity a company can do
A way for smaller companies to grow rapidly
A way to make a monopoly innovative
A way to shorten the existence of a monopoly
Most important brand equity metric

An innovation created to increase the soft (imaginary) value of companies and products
A way to make empty promises to customers (not always)
A company change process which includes steps: outsider, signaling participant, real participant, leader
A way to crash the economy
Cultural weapon

Innovation plan
Consolidation of conflicts between innovation and brand

Being powerful and courageous enough to listen to others
The cheapest and the most efficient market research

A way to distract, bankrupt, and destroy the monopoly challengers

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 4 Feb 2022