Artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing

artificial intelligence crowdsourcing

Artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing are two most dominant methods for future company growth. Both are equally important. Companies must both automate and work with crowds.

Artificial intelligence includes minor uses like ChatGPT for writing, and large projects like sales and marketing automations. Crowdsourcing is any form of engagement of a large number of people – a viral video, crowdfunding, open source, open innovation.

An ideal company is good at knowing when to use artificial intelligence and when to use crowdsourcing.

Automating everything with artificial intelligence is trendy, but not always the right approach. Blindly supporting either artificial intelligence or crowdsourcing is not good. The best approach is to be analytical and objective, to know the options very well and evaluate one case at a time.

Open innovation is an easy and effective way for companies to do crowdsourcing – to engage their customers and the public in common interests. It will kickstart the company in the best direction.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 19 Mar 2024