A&T conference - we will present our work together with Fiam & Xylem

automation and testing conference 2023

Join us at the Automation & Testing Vicenza conference where we will together with Fiam and Xylem present our join case study.

We will focus on the importance of open innovation in improving safety, comfort, efficiency in the automation and testing industry. Fiam will explain how open innovation has become part of their client relationship, while Xylem will offer their perspective as the client and user of open innovation. We – openinnovation.me – will discuss open innovation challenges and goals in such a relationship.

Andrea Toniolo, CSO, openinnovation.me
Nicola Bacchetta, CEO, Fiam
Carla Lotto, Marketing Manager, Xylem

Time and date:
16:40 Wed 25 Oct 2023

A&T Automation and Testing, Area Conferenze 2, Fiera di Vicenza


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Speakers will also be joined by Alex Crestan, Henry&Co, and Matteo Pozzi, Elevator Innovation Hub.

For more information email Andrea at andrea@openinnovation.me.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 11 Oct 2023