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Content creators, directors, filmmakers, and creatives are eager to explore new ways to make video content. Here are our top videography picks from…



Blackmagic Camera update 7.9 allows the use of metadata from Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera built-in gyroscope to stabilized the shoot on Davinci Resolve
New DJI MINI 3 PRO featuring obstacle avoidance, a camera capable of 48MP RAW stills and a vertically rotating gimbal
Sonantic makes AI voices which can be used in gaming, films, online videos, and other situations which use an AI voice interface

Snoppa Rover is a cinema dolly with electronic stabilization. It can drive and shoot stably and smoothly on various uneven roads. Rover can be driven manually or automatically along a preset path

Sony presented the Sony Cinealta Venice 2 with 16 stops of dynamic range and the beloved color science of the original Venice 1 so well used in movies




Canon dual fisheye RF
Chronos 2.1-HD High Speed Camera
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro


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Best innovation tips from our The Masters of Innovation event

On June 30, 2022 we hosted The Masters Of Innovation open talk event – in which we invited business leaders who have managed to maintain a high rate of innovation in their respective markets.

Here are some innovation tips from the event:

We must always improve through various inventing steps, and innovate at four times the speed to stay on the market. We must listen to the market and customers
Mirco Pegoraro, CEO of Geoplast

Innovation runs through all the teams in the company, we come together to innovate and therefore it is the people who allow us to keep the rate of innovation high
Nicola Bacchetta, CMO of Fiam

The essential key to innovating is listening, listening to everyone and then executing what is useful for the company and the market. We must solve the problems of others
Michele Lovato, CEO of Lovato

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Innovation open talk with industry leaders Mirco, Nicola, Michele - 30 Jun

At 10:30 CET on Thu 30 Jun 2022 you can join us at the open talk about how companies innovate, together with:
– Mirco Pegoraro, CEO of Geoplast,
– Nicola Bacchetta, CMO of Fiam,
– Michele Lovato, CEO of Lovato.

Mirco, Nicola, and Michele are managing companies that have maintained a very high rate of innovation over decades. Their innovative products are applied globally in the biggest projects. They are solving largest issues like sustainability while they consolidate it with business and social needs.

The talk will focus on how companies discover problems, how they make a decision to invest in designing a solution, the delicate relationship between the black box creativity and teamwork, how to maintain the high rate of innovation and creativity, how to marketing and protect your innovations.

Talk will be moderated by Andrea Toniolo, Founder of

How to participate?
– Send Andrea questions by email, Twitter DM, or Linkedin DM,
– Join the open talk and join the talk in person,
– View the recording after on our YouTube and leave comments.

The open talk is free and open to anyone.


Date: Thu 30 Jun 2022
Starting time: 10:30 CET
Duration: 45 minutes
Language: Italian, English
Format: webinar
Organizer: Andrea Toniolo,