Better informed product design is more successful

open design

Being open is to collect more information, to be better informed. The more informed product design is, the better product it will make. Openness does not change the role of a designer – designers must always make informed design decisions. Openness means that the market is more complex and competitive, and designers must collect more information.

Designers have always looked for new ways to inform their work. What changed now is that it is not enough to use established research methods such as polling, interviews, focus groups. They are limiting through choice of questions, participants, and deadlines. Since end-users now have constant access to internet and want less controlled conversations these research methods can be seen as restricting.

Contemporary open design is moving towards digital, always accessible, direct without middlemen, controlled by end-users, and transparent. Any restriction of this communication results in less information and potentially poorer products. While time and focus of designers and end-users is hard to control, giving them access to easy-to-use direct tech solution offers immediate improvement.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 16 Sep 2022