Companies should add an innovation channel

innovation content channel

Once a company starts making innovation content, it should have a channel dedicated to it. Here is why:

Some customers only want innovation content
They do not want to go through blogs, Instagram images, TikTok videos, thousands of Tweets, random news, to get what they want. It should be easy for them to access information about your innovation and products.

All customers want diverse content
No one likes to eat the same food or wear the same clothes every day. Customers need a place where they can easily experience a different side of the company – the innovation side. This will enrich their experience and understanding of the company, and improve loyalty.

Adding one more channel is easy
Companies already use many content channels such as newsletters, websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, fairs & events, TV, direct marketing, etc. There can be hundreds of them each with different message defined by the channel technology and audience. Adding a new channel is a standard procedure.

Innovation channel ROI is great
Innovation channel, especially if digital, costs much less than most channels because communicating innovation is easier. Also companies can move their audience from other channels to it easily without investing much in advertising.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 6 Jul 2021