Few rules of innovation

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1) Most problems are complex. They can appear simple in the start but solving them in practice is complex.

2) Complex problems require diverse and multidisciplinary solutions. If teams working on innovation are not diverse they will not be competitive.

3) Simplest form of innovation is elimination of errors.

4) Most complex form of innovation is paradigm change.

5) Innovation is a cycle which starts with a customer who accepts that they have a problem and ends with a customer accepting a solution. Therefore, innovation is an important part of a customer relationship.

6) Creativity of one individual (idea black box) is crucial but alone it does not create innovation. Innovation is a process of many individuals each being creative and working together for the benefit of customers. Therefore, innovation is always an incremental chain of creativity and one of the most complex forms of teamwork.

7) Innovation requires highly rational communication between customers and team members. It needs to remove all the restrains created by the power relationships inside companies and also between companies and customers. Innovation can only exist as a highly rational communication and teamwork, when it is fully open.

8) Innovation is too complex to be controlled by a precise process, but it should be managed. Goals, rules, deadlines, and tools can substantially accelerate and focus it.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 12 May 2020