How is different from marketing research?

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When people first hear about they ask us how is it different from what they already do in marketing – polls, questionnaires, interviews, data, analytics? is profoundly different approach to working with end-users and customers compared to any traditional marketing research. Here is why: is for innovation only
The only purpose of is to allow end-users to send innovation suggestions to product designers. Innovators try to improve the products, companies are there to see what innovators added and somehow use it in product design. Absolutely no other function is allowed or can be done. is a direct line to designers
When an innovator adds an innovation to, it is seen by people who design the product. There are no management channels which obscure or edit it. As it is written by innovator, with all the little errors and personal style, it is immediately shown to people who make the products. must create change
Added innovations are used by design teams to actually change products. This is the purpose of using Companies that work with us really do want to make innovator suggestions real. Maybe not in the exact form as suggested, maybe not immediately, but the intent is real. respects innovators
In marketing research individuals are not relevant and are invisible. They are quantified and a single voice and a single idea has no value. In an innovator is the most important. They are respected, their ideas is respected, the company knows them, and pays them.


What confuses some people is that market research and use web forms as an interface. is using web forms because, at the moment, this is the most effective method. The difference between and marketing research is what happens with the submitted information and how the person who submitted the information is treated.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 6 Mar 2024