How many people innovate?

global innovation

At least 10 % of the world population are innovators. This means that approx. 760 million people designed, manufactured, and sold something new and different. Sale definition also includes non-monetary exchanges such as use of government and non-profit services.

Simplified logic behind this guess:
– There are 7.58 billion people in the world,
– There are approx. 200 million companies in the world,
– There are also millions of government and non-profit organizations,
– Some companies and organizations employ thousands and some have no employees,
– All companies and organizations must innovate in some way,
– Innovation output can be a product, process, service, content, business model,
– More complex companies must have many more innovators in order to deliver the initial idea to customers,
– 10 % or 760 million innovators suggests approx. 3-4 per company and organization.

The more companies and organizations there are the more innovation there will be available for customers. Number of innovators will increase as population increases, conditions for business improve in developing countries, and open innovation improves in developed countries.

If you can offer an alternative estimate let me know.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 29 Apr 2020