How to include end-users in your innovation

end-user innovation

It is challenging for product designers to experience their products as end-users. A chef can try their dish, a game developer can play their game, a film director can watch their film, but even in such simple examples product designers do not share the perspective of an end-user.

In more complex engineering products it is easier to design a technical solution because problems are independent of consumers – making a car engine or a water pump more efficient does not depend on consumer impression. However, this is a wrong assumption – such solutions must be installed, used, maintained by people who are in this case end-users.

This is why it is crucial to include end-users in innovation.

With it is easy to include end-users in innovation: publish an opportunity focusing on a specific use of your product and invite a group of end-users to participate. You can easily explain to them what kind of feedback you need and reward them with cash for their innovation suggestions.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 12 Aug 2022