How you can benefit from being an innovator on

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Innovators are users who can freely register, add innovations, and win opportunity awards. Anyone can be an innovator including product end-users, brand customers, and employees. Innovators can benefit from using in various ways:

Win cash rewards as an end-user or a customer
Adding innovations to opportunities makes innovators eligible to cash rewards. is more focused on distributing many smaller cash rewards (under 1,000 EUR) so possibility of winning is high. Any end-user and customer can apply, and it is always a plus if you are an expert product user or you know the problems a product can solve.

Win cash rewards as an employee is also available only to employees of a brand using Employees can participate in internal opportunities for which they can win cash rewards. Winning rewards can be considered a bonus on top of their salary, and there is usually less competition for internal opportunities.

Gaining visibility as an innovator
Innovators are usually experts who had a hard time to be visible on other platforms and systems. can be a platform for them to demonstrate their expertise and build authority on specific topics. While most other platforms force users to compete with generic content, is a niche platform filtering anything that is not focused on innovation. This is a big plus for experts.

Meeting other innovators
While at the moment we do not allow connections between innovators (we will later), it is still possible to find and get in touch with other innovators by browsing innovations and clicking on innovation authors. Most innovators should be passionate about innovation so it should be easy to find a match.

Learning about innovation
Being up to date with latest innovations in various industries, categories, localities is very easy with Tags are particularly good for this. Exploring unfamiliar tags can be fun and educational. Just open the innovations side bar and choose tags from the pulldown.

Become an innovator on – register and add your first innovation

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 6 May 2022