Open innovation training

open innovation training

Our goal is to introduce open innovation to as many industries and companies as possible. This is why our offer includes flexible easy to customize consulting and software solutions.

Now we are adding the missing piece – open innovation training.

Our open innovation training is an easy way for a company to start adopting open innovation without committing to consulting and software projects yet.

Our training is also flexible and fully customizable. We can train a single executive or a large team of factory operators. We can focus on the strategic impact of open innovation or train teams in how to participate in innovation. We will adjust the training content for the industry. So, whatever the need of your company is, we will adjust the open innovation training to it.

Our goal is to make open innovation an easy practical thing to do. This is why our training uses quick practical exercises which make practical sense. Through these exercises, which can be customized, participants have a much better adoption and understanding of open innovation as a practical action that anyone can do.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 24 Jan 2024