2024 goals


In 2023 we have come a long way. Highlights are our first projects with platform for professional users and recognition of those projects at World Open Innovation Conference.

We also launched two new products: OPEN OS for large companies that want a fully branded experience, and for real estate (a moonshot). Our product portfolio now covers professional product manufacturers, real estate owners, and large companies that want a custom bottom-up open innovation experience.

Behind the scenes we work hard with our clients and their networks to produce even more projects. Our work consists of open innovation evangelism and training which slowly results in real projects and innovation.

In 2024 we plan to continue to improve OPEN OS and all our platforms that use it. While our open innovation process is stable, we want to improve marketing and branded features and research new tech like AI and 3D.

Also, we will probably launch a new platform for healthcare. We see healthcare as an area which can benefit greatly from bottom-up open innovation, where patients and people working directly with patients can be heard more and rewarded for it. Especially in private healthcare, where main patient experience innovation should happen.

We hope to have a great case study for the next World Open Innovation Conference which will take place in Berkley. We had an amazing learning experience in Bilbao this year and we hope to qualify for the 2024 edition as well.

Most importantly, OPEN OS allows us to quickly publish open innovation platforms for single brands or industries, and we are always open to ideas. If you want to work with us in 2024, to use our platforms or OPEN OS for your idea, email Andrea at or Nikola at

The world is moving towards more open innovation each year. We hope you had a great 2023 and that 2024 will be even better.