Real change happening right now with NFTs

NFT beeple

Like any new technology, blockchain is waiting for new applications which increase its value and market. NFT is a recent blockchain application which is making a boom right now.

NFT allows single digital files to become unique items by connecting them to blockchain. This means that any image, video, and sound file become unique and can not be copied. Content creators, artists, designers, film makers, musicians immediately adopted NFTs motivating creation of dozens of online marketplaces.

I sold a single poem as an NFT for 200 USD, one of our clients made over 200,000 USD for two images, and most successful global sale reached 69 million USD for a single image.

NFTs are doing what every technological innovation must achieve – merging technology with culture and finance. Today’s marketplaces are extremely complex and customers are sophisticated content consumers. This obliges technologies to become a cultural phenomenon with sustainable marketplaces. NFTs are another example that technology without culture and finance offers little value.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 24 Mar 2021