Top opportunities April - May 2023


Geoplast is looking for project information where their product is used in an innovative, different, interesting way. This opportunity is shared among architects and engineers who use their products. Maximum reward is 250 €.

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Elmar is looking for interesting indoor garden solutions which can be used in their kitchens. This is an opportunity for product designers, but also anyone who has a good idea. Maximum reward is 250 €.

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Linea Flesh

Linea Flesh, an Italian manufacturer of hygiene products, has published several opportunities asking for new dimensions of their products. Dimensions play a big role in their product efficiency and they are interesting to hear for new and unexpected suggestions. These opportunities target final users of their products who work in production facilities. Maximum reward is 100 €.

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Each opportunity shows to customers and end-users that the brand is open to learning from their experience and values the relationship they have. Email Andrea at to start using for your brand.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 18 May 2023