Welcome to the Open Innovation planet


For quite some time now marketing & sales have been distancing itself from creativity and innovation, and rely more on brute force advertising and cold outreach. That trend is being reversed by the Coronavirus crisis.

For some time now companies and customers have been saturated with ads and calls that offer no real or new value. This sentiment has been building up. What else can we do with customers? how else can we use our partners? Open innovation, initially a nerdy idea created to connect high-tech companies to academics, seemed like a good alternative to expand the relationship from “buy from me” to “lets make something good together”. Recently it outgrew its initial idea filling in the creativity void created by programmatic and big customer data cold calling.

Coronavirus crisis drastically accelerated this change. Post-Coronavirus market will require innovation much more than before and open innovation will be its main driver. Understanding the market, understanding the customers, catching the new problems, understanding the new needs, making, marketing, and selling the products to solve them will be the major strategic goal of all successful companies.

Just pushing the old products down customer’s throats with tons of ads and cold LinkedIn messages will not work. Post-Coronavirus market will be like landing on a new planet – everything needs to be reinvented, and the best tool for that is asking questions.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 25 Nov 2020