3 questions innovation texts should answer


Since the arrival of internet, brands have focused on making content cool and neglecting to promote innovation. Cool content had a bigger chance of becoming viral and would get much more superficial statistics like views and likes. In the mean time content which explains innovation was underestimated and explaining innovation became a lost art.

Today innovation is becoming more competitive than ever and brands that explain it well win. Here are 3 questions each innovation text should try to answer:

1) Are we promoting a product? If not then how is the innovation delivered to the end user? Is this a project, a process, experience?

2) Who is the end user? Forget the retailers, partners, distributors, but understand and focus on the end user.

3) How is this improving the experience of the final user? What is new and better compared to alternatives?

The more honest and clear the answers are, the more powerful the text will be.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 5 Nov 2021