Less obvious innovation methods


Innovation is not only the creation of new technologies, but includes all kinds of changes which can appear smaller but are actually very impactful. Here are few suggestions:

Replacing virgin with recycled materials and making a product easier to recycle.
Example: clothing, which is made from recycled fabrics, is recycled.

Changing the purpose of a product or a project so it avoids obsolesce and neglect.
Example: building is repurposed as an urban farm instead of being demolished.

New uses
Final users suggest new uses of an existing product making it more valuable.
Example: WD 40.

Modernizing the product by replacing its old technologies and materials with new ones.
Example: using healthier ingredients in fast food.

Examine your product and project portfolio and see how you can apply above innovation methods to make your products better, while maintaining the core values and customers.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 10 Nov 2021