Big change! We added product pages and brand & product innovation ranking

more innovative

We added new features which I believe make a profound change.

We added single product pages which allow easier way to learn and share product information. Our goal is to inform users on how innovative single products are. This is our first step and we will keep expanding on a single product information.

We are now listing brands and products by how many innovations and important rates they have. Brands and products shown on top the brand and product list pages have the most innovations and important rates which means that they are most likely considered the most innovative. Innovations can be added both by brands and users, but most likely they will be dominantly added by users. This feature will quickly inform users which brand and product are considered innovative by the general public.

These changes are perfectly aligned with our mission to increase innovation by connecting brands and users. This includes allowing users to have a voice in what is innovative, and to clearly inform them.

Try Brand list and Product list.

In the search bar you can turn of listing by innovations and use the alphabetical list of brands and products.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 3 Dec 2021