4 ways to promote your opportunities?

open innovation opportunity promotion

Once your opportunities are live, it is necessary to promote them so end-users of your products get interested and add innovations. Some brands are well known so minimal promotion on their websites, newsletter, and social media should get substantial results.

However, many brands make well respected products while they remain almost unknown. In such cases some more promotion is needed. We recommend these 4 steps:

1. Select a narrow group of end-users you can target
Do not try to reach everyone in the world immediately. First succeed with 5-10 local end-users and grow from there. Be patient and work in smaller steps.

2. Organize an in-person workshop
Do not rely only on digital, especially if your products are physical (tools for example) and your end-users do not know your brand well. Go to the end-users and talk to them in person in their workplace, and motivate them with your enthusiasm.

3. Leave posters in their workplace
Posters should clearly ask them to add innovations to your openinnovation.me opportunities. Also mention the reward. Include QR codes to your opportunity and place them in most visited workplace area.

4. Add stickers to your products
Adding a sticker directly to your product is the most powerful way of including end-users in innovation. It shows real dedication. Include QR code to your opportunity or product. While a sticker with a QR code is not the most beautiful addition to product design aesthetics, it does add enormous relationship value (designers can surely find a clever way to add it).

For help with promotion email Andrea at andrea@openinnovation.me.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 11 Nov 2022