Innovate with 8 billion people - join our open Zoom talk on Wed 23 Nov

8 billion people

Today world population reached 8 billion people. Many of us were born in a world with a population of only 4 billion. We were educated by parents born in a world of a bit more than 2 billion.

How does this affect innovation, product design, business strategy, marketing, sales, SMBs?

In a world which keeps getting bigger, our customers are feeling smaller and more excluded. All the today’s challenges are too big for them – climate crisis, globalization, digitalization. Customers feel overwhelmed, stressed, and are passive. They do not feel in control.

Openness and open innovation are desperately needed remedy to motivate customers to make decisions faster. We must include them and shake them out of their passive routine. This is best done by asking them to participate through open activities. The age of them listening to brands is over. The age of them being part of brands is starting. This will bring back the world under their control and ownership.

We will host an open Zoom talk at 12:00 CET on Wednesday 23 November to discuss these topics. Feel free to just jump in. We planned for 30 mins but if it takes more we will keep going. Let’s discuss openly and see where it takes us. Anyone is welcome!

When the time comes just click here:


Passcode: 123
Meeting ID: 814 0839 9376

See you then :)

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 15 Nov 2022