Cold outreach for open innovation

cold outreach open innovation

Campaigning for open innovation projects should include cold outreach.

Cold outreach is any form of reaching out to potential innovators with whom you had no prior communication. This means that you need to explain who you are, your company, and your open innovation project. Cold outreach is important because it connects your company to new experts and should be practiced constantly by sales, engineers, or marketing.

Here are few tips:

Prepare the list
Finding potential innovators to reach requires a specific know-how. Take your time in learning how to find experts and learn as much as you can about them before you contact them.

Focus on the brand level
With we focus innovators on three levels: brand, product, and opportunity. Avoid promoting only a single opportunity because it has a higher risk of not being interesting to the potential innovator. Interest them in your brand in general.

Reduce bias, be experimental
The whole purpose of open innovation is to surprise yourself, to get the unexpected idea. Some level of control is needed, but also too much control can reduce the surprise and innovation quality. Always contact potential innovators which do not seem standard – you never know what you might get.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 12 Mar 2023