How to promote your brand profile?

open innovation promotion

After the brand profile is set up comes an important step of reaching potential innovators. Here are the key steps in promotion:

Publish opportunities targeting specific innovator types
The purpose of opportunities is to act as niche landing pages for specific types of innovators. For example, publish an opportunity targeting only electric engineers or only students. Publish as many opportunities as you can. The more there are, the bigger the chances are that you will find the match between innovators and an opportunity.

Link and mention it everywhere
Make sure your brand profile and product pages are linked and mentioned in all relevant locations. Also include your brand profile in general campaigns and QR codes in physical locations and products. This shows commitment and will bring traffic.

Create dedicated campaigns
You can create promotional campaigns only to promote your brand profile. These campaigns can have press, digital advertising, and more. They can be done, for example, once a year. Consider using a small part of your advertising budget for

Ask potential innovators in person
Just like reaching out to potential customers, you also need to reach out to potential innovators. One-on-one communication is the most effective, especially when it comes to finding expert innovators.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 6 Mar 2023