Do you take or give more?


This is a philosophical leadership article, appropriate for the end of the year.

Some leaders are good at taking. This is how they view business, marketing, sales, and innovation. They innovate in order to take attention, data, money, time from their customers, teams, community.

Other leaders are good at giving. They innovate to give value, knowledge, money. They empower their customers, team, community.

No one is just taking or just giving. And we can never take without giving, or give without taking. But it is important to question what dominates, in which direction does the balance tilt. If we, as leaders, are not keeping an eye on this, no one else will.

Ask yourself: Do I take or give more? If I am not happy with the answer, how can I change it?

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 23 Dec 2022