Open innovation is a continuous project made of many little steps

open innovation project management

Two biggest errors in making your company an open innovation company are:

Error – open innovation is a one time project
Open innovation is an attitude towards innovation, marketing, sales, and everything else in business. Main goal of companies is to create value for customers through innovation. To do that well, companies need customer feedback. Highest quality customer feedback comes through open innovation. Therefore open innovation need never ends and needs continuous improvement.
Tip: never end open innovation, make it a continuous part of culture.

Error – organize open innovation in big difficult steps
Open innovation is best managed when organized in many small tasks, small tweaks, small changes. A nice sentence on one page, a button added in a newsletter, a small campaign, an 30 min Zoom training. A lot of small steps and efforts add up over time. Years later company is more competitive, more open, making more valuable products.
Tip: work in many small steps, avoid big steps which block growth.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 30 Dec 2022