Safety, comfort, durability... - new innovation types

innovation types

We just updated innovation types which specialize more towards product innovation.

Innovations and opportunities can now be added using following innovation types:

Safety – can the product be safer?
Comfort – how can the product be more comfortable to use?
Durability – how can the product last longer?
New use – new use for a product?
Performance – how can the product be lighter, faster, stronger?
Assembly – is the product assembly too difficult and frustrating?
Recycling – how can the product be recycled?
Transport – can the product be transported cheaper or more efficiently?
Sustainability – can production, materials, design, transport, use be more sustainable?
Inclusivity – how can the product production, transport, use be more inclusive of all body types and cultures?

These types are not obligatory, and innovations and opportunities can be added without them.

We added them to help brands and innovators focus on product design aspects which require open innovation the most.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 6 Jan 2023