End user feedback with openinnovation.me

end user feedback

Companies have a hard time collecting end user feedback. They can conduct interviews or use social media, but this kind of feedback is not consistent, hard to document and share, and often unfocused.

openinnovation.me supports three levels of end user feedback: internally from team members, with focus groups from selected users, and publicly from everyone. Additionally an opportunity can be created to focus the feedback on a specific product, feature, or goal, and offers awards.

Whatever the channel a company chooses, it is also important to promote the feedback opportunity to the end users. This can be done with public campaigns or private invitations. The success always depends on the level of openness and company brand awareness.

On openinnovation.me is end users can communicate whenever they want, on whatever they want, and however they want. An easy open relationship is created which is more productive than limited surveys, interviews, and other methods.

Promoting end user feedback to customers is beneficial for innovation and for enrichment of customer relationships. Companies which listen will always be more competitive. Contact us for your end user feedback project.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 2 Sep 2021