Why you should post on openinnovation.me?

Recently we launched openinnovation.me. It is currently available as a desktop and mobile website, and an Android app, with iOS app coming soon.

openinnovation.me allows anyone to view, rate, add, and share innovations. Innovations are posts – just like tweets or Linkedin posts – which focus only on innovation. They can be categorized as your own idea, innovative product or project, problem or a trend. An innovation can simply be a link to an article or a YouTube video and it only takes a minute to add.

But why should you post innovations?

1) It makes you think more about innovation,
2) You are showing others how much you actually know,
3) You can connect to people who care about the same innovations as you.

I suggest that you post one or more innovations per week, and spend few minutes per day browsing openinnovation.me.

It is a small investment compared to the time we spend on social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, which do not offer such specific benefits.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 26 Aug 2021