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We noticed that one of the blocks to open innovation is the fear of negative criticism. Managers chose not to start open innovation projects because they do not want to hear criticism, get negative comments, and complaints. Here are 3 tips which show you that this fear is not necessary:


Innovators know that open innovation is for innovation only
Innovation is a creative activity, and as such it requires a positive attitude. So far in our experience this was natural to innovators. There are not many channels which offer them participation and they appreciate that. is designed for adding innovations only
In an extreme case that someone wants to share something other than innovation, design makes it clear that they should use other channels.

Open innovation campaigns always set a positive tone
All the promotion, workshops, meetings related to open innovation should always promote the essence of open innovation – positivity, creativity, participation, cooperation, sharing. Once this atmosphere is set, little motivation remains for negativity.


In our experience, innovators know that open innovation is a positive cooperative experience, and that there are other channels for criticism (forums, customer support, etc), and therefore we see no risk. Do not let this fear block your company from using open innovation. Innovating together is a very satisfying activity for everyone. We love it.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 7 Jun 2023