is paid, easy, accessible

open innovation

Open innovation can not work if it is hard for innovators. Our goal is to eliminate all obstructions of creativity and openness. Here are the top design decisions we made to make easy and effortless for innovators:


Every innovator can get paid
We do not believe in giving a large reward only to a single winner. Our system is based on rewarding as many innovators as possible. Brands can give rewards ranging from small tips (25 EUR) up to large professional payments (10,000 EUR).

Easy to use
So far hundreds of innovators used for the first time and none of them requested help with using it. is simple to use and without any distractions.

Always accessible
Website, mobile website, and an Android app make accessible to everyone everywhere always. There are no deadlines, location limitations, complicated logins. We are planning an iOS app soon, but Apple users can easily use our mobile website.


Open innovation is not open if it depends on innovator’s to invest, if it is hard to use, and has limitations on when where and how it can be used.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 31 May 2023