Join our open innovation case studies webinar on Wed 22 May

open innovation case studies

At 14:30 CET on Wed 22 May we will organize a webinar presenting our main case studies.

If you are interested in different ways how open innovation impacts brands, marketing, and innovation, join our 30 min webinar.

We will present several very different case studies showing unique ways is used by our clients.

Some case studies will be anonymous, but sufficient information will be shared to give you a solid understanding of our clients’ progress.

The webinar should be interesting for managers, entrepreneurs, product designers, marketing and brand experts, and academics.

Andrea and Nikola will present. Duration is 30 min, language is English. There will be time for questions during and after.

See you soon.


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If you have questions email Andrea at

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 9 May 2024