Now you can promote your webinars and events as innovations


We consider marketing and sales an important part of innovation. If products and services are not placed on the market and are not sold, then there is no innovation. With digitalization the quantity, quality, and relevance of live events has increased drastically. All social media feature live events and there are numerous platforms for webinars and online meetings. We recognize that these events are an important part of innovation and we want to support them.

From today when adding an innovation on you will also be offered a new innovation type: Event. You can promote your or any innovation related events using this innovation type. Add the event link in the “Insert link or Youtube video” field or in the “rich text long description”. You can promote future events or publish news on past events.

We hope that this improvement further accelerates innovation rate, reach, sharing, and education.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 30 Sep 2021