Open innovation improves company design and creativity

open innovation creativity

Innovation is design, innovation is creativity. It is rare when design and creativity are not an innovation, and when innovation is not design and creativity. They are the same activities aiming to create new values for customers, employees, partners. The only reason why they are called by different names are cultural differences between companies and industries. Some like the word creativity but do not like the word innovation, and vice versa.

Open innovation works together with internal innovation. If you can solve a problem internally, then there is no need to be open. Open innovation (design, creativity) should be used only for challenges which can not be solved internally. Meaning, open innovation is used for a completely different set of problems compared to internal innovation. In this way it increases the innovation and design output of the company by allowing it to be more valuable.

Therefore, open innovation improves company total innovation, total design, and total creativity – ability to create new values for customers, employees, partners – by solving also problems which were out of reach for internal resources.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 20 Feb 2024