for custom B2B services

custom b2b services has been proven as an integral part of a B2B service.

Digitalization and globalization are the biggest forces in B2B – more B2B companies are digitalizing customer experiences and more markets have competitors that are not local. These forces will make competition harder and harder.

In this case, one of the best B2B competition strategies is customization. B2B clients want their suppliers to continuously adjust to their needs. The more customized a B2B service is, the more competitive it is. However, customization is difficult to manage. The first customization usually comes via management channels – sales and account managers talk with their client POCs. These are sufficient for initial short-term customizations, but not for continuous customization. provides a channel for continuous customization of B2B services. allows direct continuous communication between end-users and product designers. Therefore it provides much more detailed long-term feedback than management channels. Managers have difficulty understanding detailed feedback necessary for continuous customization and compensate this by using data.

However, data is not offering necessary details for highly competitive continuous customization. On the other hand, provides detailed feedback constantly allowing B2B suppliers to always adapt to clients and provide a highly competitive service.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 14 Feb 2024