Open innovation mix: agile, data, platform, campaigns

agile data platform campaigns

For optimal open innovation prepare following:

Practice an agile product innovation process
Open innovation depends on the support of the product designers and if their process is closed, they will not be able to support it. Agile product design process works perfectly with open innovation.

Share well prepared open data and information
Depending on the goal, innovation depends greatly on the information you give innovators. Photos, videos, descriptions, case studies, and especially open data will inform and guide innovation suggestions. The more the better.

Use the latest open innovation platform
Improvising platforms with forms, marketing research solutions, spreadsheets, and whatnot, or using outdated insufficient platforms will not work. Obviously, we recommend

Promote with dedicated campaigns
A well set up profile on an open innovation platform is important but not enough. You must campaign, reach out to potential innovators, talk to them, engage them. In our experience, workshops work well with, but all types of promotions should be tested – each brand and project is different.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 19 Jul 2023