Product is not enough - customers want an ecosystem

product ecosystem

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is to invest in product innovation, and not in ecosystem innovation.

If companies only innovate products then they will not be competitive. Even the best products require an ecosystem of equally innovative marketing, sales, training, and other services. No matter how innovative the product is, it will be easily hidden behind an ecosystem of outdated services. Simply, the contemporary markets require complete ecosystems on every level, even if a company focuses only on products and uses third party distributors.

Open innovation is one of the most effective and advanced innovations in this ecosystem. And it is starting slowly to be a standard – customers require it because it is the most efficient channel for them to get more value from the company.

Here is how makes open innovation an easy choice:

Low cost
We have drastically reduced price of open innovation platform. In some cases we are 10 – 20 times cheaper.

Easy to use
Adding products and opportunities, making groups, inviting customers is all very easy. It usually require no or minimal training.

Easy processes
All additional processes like campaigns, workshops, finding innovators are all easy to adopt and do not require many resources.

Growing benefits
Once a channel with a B2B partner or customers is created it just keeps growing, while processes become more efficient. Value keeps multiplying.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 28 Jul 2023