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There are two ways a brand can approach sustainability:

1) Promoting their sustainability projects without being open for cooperation, assuming they can do everything alone or with few selected partners,

2) Being open and seeking help from everyone, understanding the complexity of sustainability.

There is no sustainability problem which can be solved in a closed manner. Sustainability is not divided by brands, teams, countries. It is an issue which involves everything and everyone on the planet. It requires cooperation and openness we have never seen before.

We suggest to all brands to make as many open innovation opportunities for sustainability innovation – internally, with partners, externally. Every brand should communicate that they are willing to listen to any idea, any suggestion. Improvements in efficiency from talks with employees, partners, and end-users add up and move the sustainability forward.

Being open is not about working with selected partners on selected projects. Sustainability requires a radical change in what it means to be an open brand. It requires openness towards everyone and in all topics. This is the only way blocks can be removed and progress accelerated. offers unlimited number of opportunities so you can add as many as needed. We will help you design and promote your sustainability opportunities. We will guide you through the learning process towards real results. But it is up to you to start today.

Sustainability is not something any of us can do alone.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 28 Oct 2022