is for the professional users

professional users is for the professional users. Professional users are people who use products in their work. They do not buy the products but are hired by a company that buys the products for them. For example, a construction worker, a factory operator, a delivery driver, a nurse, etc. creates a direct channel between professional users and the product designers. This direct channel is not obstructed by management or anything else. Professional users’ suggestions are immediately heard by product designers.

Before professional users and product designers almost never communicated directly. Professional products depend on safety, comfort, usability, efficiency, but without direct communication with professional users, product designers could not improve these product features.

Now, with companies have an open channel between designers and professional users, and can reward users for their quality feedback. More importantly, professional users get to improve safety, usability, comfort of the products they use daily. Eventually, professional users will favor companies that use because it makes their work safer, easier, better.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 26 Oct 2023