The first case study open call open call


We are looking for a partner with whom we can produce our first case study.


What is is a participatory architecture platform. It is build by the team behind the, an open innovation platform for professional products. uses the same method and technology as, and applies them to urbanism, architecture, and real estate.


What are the main benefits of for urbanism, architecture, and real estate?

We hope that every real estate project will include some level of participation, that every design in urbanism, architecture, and real estate management will be informed with the external stakeholder feedback. We also insist that this feedback is rewarded with cash, that it is not elicited for free or with gifts. Our tested process has proven to improve promotion, training, positioning, and innovation of customers and experts. Also, it reduces risk of adoption of new products, projects, and changes by improving education, training, and engagement. This is achieved through a careful combination of design, marketing, and digital experience.


What are the goals of the case study?

The two main goals of the case study are to fine tune the features and processes for the architecture and real estate, and to have a solid proof that it works. We consider the proof that works if a brand receives and rewards relevant innovations. The quantity of innovations is not relevant, while the quality is. We are replicating our successful process where we successfully completed a case study with a partner, received substantial press, and presented it at conferences.


Who can be our case study partner?

We are looking for an architecture studio, real estate investment or management company, government organization which manages real estate decisions, or any other organization or company which owns or manages real estate.


What kind of a project can be used for the case study?

Any project in any phase – residential, commercial, production, public, cultural, sports. As long as it is a project either intended to be built or already built. It is important to state that already completed and in use projects are very welcome because we believe such projects should be innovated and upgraded as often as possible.


What are the responsibilities of a partner?

To cooperate with us towards the success and promotion of the case study. This would include providing us with content for their brand, projects, and opportunities, organizing promotional campaigns and activities (workshops, calls, advertising), evaluating innovations, and participating in the promotion of the case study.


What kind of support will the partner get?

We will provide a one year free license, one year free consulting, and a minimum innovators budget of 500 EUR. Typical reward might be between 50 and 100 EUR so the innovators rewards budget will amount to 5 to 10 rewards.


How will the case study be promoted?

We aim to promote the case study in our own media, in press, in academic lectures and conferences, and in any other way. The case study will always be branded as a partnership between and the partner. Our goal is that as many people as possible learn about the case study and decide to engage us, and also to see our partner as supportive of participation and innovation.


Is there a deadline?

There is no deadline, our goal is quality. We will continue sponsoring companies until we reach a satisfactory results, which means we might sponsor more than one company.


How can a company apply as a case study partner?

To apply or learn more please email Nikola at

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 19 Oct 2023