Openness consulting makes business more humane


Openness is our main mission. We promote openness by helping companies to include customers, end-users, and other external experts in their decisions. Our platform focuses on opening up product innovation for SMBs. Our consulting approach is wider in helping companies be more open to provide more value to customers.

Openness can be seen as an opposite trend to centralization and automation but we do not see it that way. The bigger the influence of a company the more it will benefit from end-users and customer feedback. The more influential the algorithms are, the more value they will provide with direct feedback. Openness is not a zero-sum addition to current processes – it is an upgrade, an improvement. Openness increases humanity, empathy, trust, transparency, and satisfaction for both management and end-users.

Our consulting can improve:
Marketing & brand strategy – including end-users feedback and increasing trust,
Sales – making it more of a dialog,
Product design & innovation – through open innovation,
Algorithm design – adding humanity with customer and end-user knowledge (not data),
Teamwork – adding openness internally improves job satisfaction.

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Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 30 Sep 2022